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About The Mirror Man

The Ideal Mirror Shop

The Mirror Man is the ideal Mirror Shop for people who are seeking a quality decorative mirror for their home or business. We are experts in the realms of home decor when it comes to mirrors, and our retail store reflects that with its offering of an extensive range of mirrors that are not found in local or national homeware stores.


The Mirror Man is dedicated to serving customers nationwide by supplying an extensive range of high-quality mirrors.


The Mirror Man was founded by Darren Morley when he started the company in 2017 by exhibiting a selection of The Mirror Man’s mirrors at trade shows and street exhibitions in the South and South West of England.

Wide Range

Despite the harsh economic conditions, business for The Mirror Man began to thrive. The extensive range of mirrors that The Mirror Man exhibited were greater than what could, and still to this day can be found in most national home-ware stores. This gave The Mirror Man an edge if you will, and it showed – people enjoyed having a wide variety of mirrors to choose from all in one place.

The Mirror Man Ethos

The variety of mirrors available was, and still is, an important aspect of what The Mirror Man offers, but equally important is the level of quality. Combine this with fantastic customer service which includes free delivery and returns, and these three offerings of a wide variety, great quality and excellent customer service are what makes up The Mirror Man ethos. This is what The Mirror Man as a company prides itself on because, without this ethos, the company realises that it wouldn’t be where it is today.


The Mirror Man is passionate about mirrors and the people that benefit from using them. A goal of The Mirror Man is to place mirrors in a variety of public venues and businesses that will add value and character to those establishments. Such businesses include the West Somerset Railway Association, The Washford Inn and at this time a handful of various hotels and cafes local to Somerset & Devon.


The Mirror Man is now ready to take the next step in developing its business by harnessing the power of e-commerce. The website www.themirrorman.uk is a testament to this, and marks the beginning of an exciting adventure into the world of online sales. With this comes the ability to help the people of England to beautify their homes according to their own unique tastes with a high-quality decorative mirror.

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