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Monksilver Collection | The Mirror Man

Monksilver Collection

The Monksilver mirror, one of our most popular ornately designed antique style mirrors thanks to its louis inspired embossed pattern displayed in each corner and fine beading finish around the frame. To finish the look, the Monksilver comes with bevelled glass. A very versatile mirror that can be hung landscape or portrait, or choose a larger size for that perfect floor leaner mirror. With a choice of five colours ivory, white, silver, black and gold, the only decision left is where will you put yours?

Filter products Showing 1 - 12 of 25 results

Showing 1–12 of 25 results

  • Monksilver 140x109cm Ivory Large Wall MirrorMonksilver 140x109cm Ivory Large Wall Mirror
  • Monksilver 110x79cm Gold Wall MirrorMonksilver 110x79cm Gold Wall Mirror
  • Monksilver 110x79cm Silver Wall MirrorMonksilver 110x79cm Silver Wall Mirror
  • Monksilver 110x79cm White Wall MirrorMonksilver 110x79cm White Wall Mirror
  • Monksilver 140x109cm Black Large Wall MirrorMonksilver 140x109cm Black Large Wall Mirror
  • Monksilver 140x109cm Silver Large Wall MirrorMonksilver 140x109cm Silver Large Wall Mirror
  • Monksilver 140x109cm White Large Wall MirrorMonksilver 140x109cm White Large Wall Mirror
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