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Openable Mirrors

Discover the allure of our collection of Openable Mirrors, where enchantment meets practicality. Ingeniously designed to evoke the wonder of secret garden entries and the sophisticated grandeur of English Manor houses, these captivating creations are not your everyday garden mirrors.

In this collection, the humble mirror is transformed into an intriguing work of art, a conversation piece that imparts elegance and intrigue to any outdoor space. Rendered in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and designs, each openable mirror is a feat of craftsmanship, embodying an exquisite fusion of classic charm and innovative modern functionality.

Unfolding like a tale from an age-old book, each mirror in our collection features front gates which, when opened, reveal the splendid mirror hidden behind. When closed, these gates provide an artistic display, the mirror covertly veiled beneath their intricate design. The gates serve not only as an enticing visual aspect but also as a protective cover, shielding the mirror somewhat from the elements when not in use.

These openable mirrors do not house storage compartments or hidden drawers – their true value lies in their unique and playful design, which can transform any garden into an ethereal wonderland. Situate them strategically, and watch as they reflect sunlight or moonlight, casting an ever-changing array of silhouettes and radiance.

Imagine sipping your morning tea as the sun rises, and with the simple act of opening your mirror’s front gates, you’re bathed in the soft glow of morning light reflected into your favourite garden nook. Or picture a moonlit evening, where the closed gates of the mirror add a mysterious allure to your outdoor sanctuary.

The openable mirrors in our collection are more than just garden ornaments; they are devices of charm and surprise, infusing your outdoor space with an irresistible blend of whimsy and sophistication. As they open and close, they invite conversation, curiosity, and a fresh perspective on what a garden can truly be.

Welcome, then, to a world of aesthetic marvel and delight with our Openable Mirrors – a mesmerising blend of form and function, waiting to bring an air of magic to your garden.

If you want to foster a sense of expanded space and tranquillity by creating a serene oasis in your outdoor space, we invite you to view our full range of garden mirrors.

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