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Multi-coloured Mirrors

Multi-coloured mirrors in many hues,
A sight to see, that’s sure to amuse.
A mix of colours, all so bright,
A feast for eyes, that’s pure delight.

Each shade adds something to the mix,
A playful vibe, that’s hard to fix.
With every colour, there’s a new feel,
A unique touch, that’s oh so real.

Red brings passion, orange brings zest,
Yellow adds energy, we’re so blessed.
Green brings calm, blue brings peace,
Purple adds magic, that’ll never cease.

The multi-coloured mirrors, are works of art,
Each colour placed with care and heart.
Its vibrant hues, a happy sight,
A space transformed, with pure delight.

It adds a spark, to any room,
A burst of color, that’s never gloom.
It brings a sense of joy and fun,
A space transformed, with a simple pun.

So, multi-coloured mirrors of many colours,
We thank you for being, like no others.
Your unique effect, we’ll forever adore,
A perfect frame, for evermore.

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