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Rustic Mirrors

In their frames, the rustic mirrors sit,
Their finish worn, with age and grit.
A style that’s rugged, yet refined,
A perfect match for any mind.

The color brown, with hints of gold,
A symbol of warmth, both new and old.
A feeling of comfort, like a fire’s glow,
In every room, it steals the show.

A mirror that tells a story, so true,
A reflection of life, old and new.
Its beauty lies in its imperfection,
A touch of character, without objection.

Rustic mirrors, like a journey, has their tale,
A story of time, that won’t pale.
Its texture rough, but a delight to feel,
A touch of history, that’s so real.

In every space, it makes a mark,
Its rustic charm, like a spark.
A feeling of cosiness, that’s hard to beat,
A perfect match, for every seat.

So, rustic mirrors, we thank you,
For the warmth and charm, you imbue.
Your rough and rugged look, we adore,
A perfect frame, forevermore.

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