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Charlcombe 68x56cm Black Wall Mirror

Charlcombe 68x56cm Black Wall Mirror


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The Charlcombe mirror, one of our most popular Venetian styled mirrors. A great contrast of black to mirror glass to compliment your interior design style.

This mirror can be hung Vertically & Horizontally
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2 x Mirror Fitting Straps are included pre-fastened to the back of the majority of our mirror range, both horizontally & vertically where appropriate. With the exception to:
  • Garden Mirrors;
  • Dressing Table Mirrors;
  • Cheval / Free Standing Mirrors.

2 x Mirror Fitting Hooks however are required to safely and securely hang the mirror for best peace of mind. Want to secure your mirror to the wall with optimum strength and security? Get your Heavy Duty Mirror Fitting Hook & Strap Kit here:

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The Venetian style of mirrors shows us many types of ‘frameless’ designs, whereby the entirety of the mirror front is made of mirror glass and has no specific frame.

However, the example the Chalcombe sets is somewhere in-between with its traditional Venetian frameless styling combined with the more modern approach of incorporating black mirror glass into its design.


This mirror is known as The Charlcombe, named after the beautiful Georgian civil parish found just north of the ancient Roman town of Bath, North East Somerset.

When thinking about this mirror it is anything but difficult to imagine it being utilized as a wall mirror or full length floor leaner.

It could even find use as an easy-to-clean bathroom mirror providing space allows.

That said, this mirror can easily move past the bounds of the washroom.

It can without much of a stretch discover its place inside any space all throughout the home, in spaces that need smooth present day styling, an expanded feeling of space, a wisp of modernized Venetian tastefulness, and a boost of reflected window light.
Its an advancement on the Venetian style, radiating with difference on account of its unmistakably black and straight-up mirror glass mix, which perfectly lines around the mirror’s edge in a beautiful interlocking pattern.

This makes it the perfect mirror for most family homes, who are hoping to complete their ‘cutting edge’ or modern stylistic theme.
This mirror is exceptional in that its geometric edge configuration can coordinate with other correspondingly moulded black and glass home accessories and decorum.
The deep rooted saying of ‘black goes with everything’, in fact seems to be accurate on account of this particular mirror.

The free standing version of this mirror can function admirably in a calm corner of a softly shaded room space, obediently filling its need as a devoted full length cheval mirror, with its dark hued glass components discovering contrast against greyish or cream paints or wallpaper.
On another note, the bigger sizes of this mirror can discover home in the family room, foyer or landing.

Hung either landscape or portrait, and encompassed by a certain dim blue, or a formed mineral grey colour scheme. Whichever colour blend you pick, this mirror because of its dark hued components can work in extraordinary compliment as a state of differentiation inside almost any interior design plan.


The primary mirror glass itself comes with a small convex bevel on the four edges of the centre pane.

This works to reinforce the glass whilst providing a gentle visual effect as the sheet of mirror glass tapers off to the inner edges of the black and mirror glass frame.

The black and un-coloured mirror glass frame portions themselves also come with a smaller bevelled edge, creating a consistent bevelled style across the entire front, varying in proportions of course.

The black elements of the mirrors frame are made of fully coloured glass, which gives them their full-bodied black colouration.

All of the front facing mirror glass is mounted on a high resin plywood board, chosen for its strength.

This board is then covered with a subtle, thin, black, soft-to-the-touch felt material so as to not distract from the mirror itself, this also serves to protect the mirror and neighbouring objects from damage.


  • Please ensure that you include your Mobile Number when ordering to receive SMS Delivery Updates.
  • Delivery Time: We endeavour to deliver all items within 6 working days although some products may take longer.
  • Delivery Cost: UK Mirror Delivery is included with this item.
  • Courier: This mirror will be delivered via UK Mail Next Day or other UK courier.

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Charlcombe 68x56cm Black Wall MirrorCharlcombe 68x56cm Black Wall Mirror

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