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Gold Baroque Mirror (183cm x 91cm) – Christon


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Enhance your space with our gold baroque mirror. Experience top quality with reliable delivery. Elevate your space at The Mirror Man today. This piece can be hung in portrait orientation only.

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It is with a deep sense of appreciation that we find ourselves admiring the exquisite craftsmanship of the Christon. This gold baroque mirror is a stunning testament to the classical baroque style, known for its powerful emotional intensity. Each ornate detail of this magnificent piece captures the essence of an era filled with opulence and grandeur.

As we gaze upon the Christon, we cannot help but be swept away by its captivating charm. Engaging both the senses and the emotions, the intricate details of this gold baroque mirror inspire feelings of awe and wonder. By bringing the Christon into our homes, we invite a sense of luxury, sophistication, and elegance to permeate our surroundings.

The connection to a time of lavishness and extravagance is palpable when we find ourselves in the presence of this extraordinary mirror. Moreover, the Christon serves as a remarkable conversation starter, allowing us to share in the excitement and pride of discussing its design and storied history with our esteemed guests.

The Christon also exudes a strong classical Venetian aspect, a testament to the close relationship between the classical Venetian and Baroque styles. This harmonious blend of styles further accentuates the mirror’s prominence as a truly stand-out piece.

In conclusion, the Christon gold baroque mirror is a breath-taking work of art that evokes a deep sense of appreciation for the classical baroque style and the rich history it represents.

Key Highlights

  • Gold baroque mirror
  • Classical baroque style
  • Emotional intensity
  • Luxury and sophistication
  • Conversation starter
  • Classical Venetian aspect
  • Stand-out piece

Colour & Finish

The frame is finished in a multi-shaded metallic gold paint. The frame’s details are accentuated by surrounding contrasting toned inking effects to give an antiqued look. This colouration encourages sentiments of luxury and sophistication within the atmosphere of your space.


The bevelled reflective glass panel sits inside of a frame comprised of a high quality casting resin, which makes up most of the structure of the frame including the embellished details.

The resin is melded onto a hardwood base that sits encased in the resin towards the rear of the frame, to add further solidarity in its structural integrity.

The glass pane has a wood-based backing board that sits behind it to provide additional support and stability, helping to ensure the longevity of the piece, with framing tape holding it in place to the frame.


Coming in at 183 x 91 x 6 cm, this gold baroque mirror can work well as a prominent wall feature, or you can place it on the floor as a lean-to-wall for a fuss-free installation whilst still easily being able to see the whole of you from head to toe.

Installation & Hanging Guidelines

This mirror comes with 2x factory-supplied D-Rings (straps) on the rear of the frame, positioned for portrait orientation.

To hang the mirror, attach it directly to wall screws (not supplied) that are equally spaced from the centre of the D-Rings (straps). DO NOT STRING. Please note that screws and Rawl plugs are not included with this item.

This mirror weighs around 40kg, so…

For an optimally strong and secure installation for your best peace of mind, we recommend purchasing our high-quality, heavy-duty mirror fixings that come with all of the necessary hooks, straps, screws and fixings that are all designed to work together in order for you to successfully and securely hang this mirror:

>>> Mirror Fittings & Fixings

Cleaning & Maintenance

If dust builds up on the mirror or frame, you can use a simple hand duster, or a dry lint-free, scratch-free cloth.

If the glass needs extra cleaning, use typical glass cleaning spray or a water / white-vinegar mixture spray and wipe the glass with a lint-free, scratch-free cloth to get a streak-free finish.

If the frame needs extra cleaning, do not use bleach or harsh chemicals. Instead use a slightly damp lint-free, scratch-free cloth with water and wipe off any excess moisture afterwards with a dry cloth.

Like What You See?

Transform your space today! Limited stock available for sale, buy this piece now!

A Poem For You

In a grand, forgotten palace, hidden from the sun,
A gold baroque mirror rests, its journey just begun.
With ornate frame and gilded glow, it stands with regal grace,
A reflection of a time and place, where opulence embraced.

The gold baroque mirror casts a spell upon the room,
A testimony to the craft, and to the artist’s loom.
A labyrinth of curves and forms, a dance of shades and light,
This masterpiece of yesteryear enchants the day and night.

Amidst the splendour of its frame, the stories softly blend,
Of grand soirees and masquerades, where laughter had no end.
A portal to a world of dreams, of whispers and romance,
The gold baroque mirror holds the key, inviting just a glance.

Intricately woven tales, of beauty and of art,
Are etched upon the looking glass, a tapestry of heart.
A symbol of an age long past, of elegance and flair,
The gold baroque mirror stands as proof, that magic lingers there.

As I depart this hallowed space, my heart begins to yearn,
To carry with me always, the lessons that I’ve learned.
For in the golden glow I’ve found, a treasure to adore,
The gold baroque mirror whispers still, of secrets to explore.

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Returns Policy

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 183 × 91 × 6 cm
Overall Dimensions

183 x 91 x 6 cm (6' x 3')



Height Range

Size Name

Glass Bevelling


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