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Gothic Wall Mirror (150cm x 81cm) – Selworthy


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Enhance your space with our gothic wall mirror. Experience top quality with reliable delivery. Elevate your space at The Mirror Man today. This piece can be hung in portrait orientation only.

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The Selworthy, a remarkable gothic wall mirror, truly stands out with its unique design and historical connections. As you first gaze upon it, the two parallel capsule columns running from the bottom of the glass pane to the base of the arched top immediately capture your attention. These columns gracefully frame the mirror, paying homage to the traditional Gothic-style ‘halo’ that fills the inner space of the arch.

In its essence, the Selworthy embodies a charming, simplified form of Gothic architecture. This captivating style, which originated from the 12th to 16th century medieval period in Europe, can evoke a myriad of emotions and responses from those who appreciate its beauty.

As you continue to admire the Selworthy, feelings of awe and admiration may arise, stemming from the intricate craftsmanship and artistry it showcases. This gothic wall mirror also has the power to evoke a sense of nostalgia, as it serves as a reminder of a bygone era, steeped in history and tradition.

The Selworthy not only functions as a mirror, but also as a piece of art that can add continuity and a sense of connection to the past. Its connection to the rich heritage of Gothic architecture and the medieval period in Europe is truly an extraordinary feature that sets it apart.

Key Highlights

  • Gothic wall mirror
  • Two parallel capsule columns
  • Traditional Gothic-style ‘halo’
  • Charming, simplified form of Gothic architecture
  • 12th to 16th century medieval period in Europe
  • Evokes feelings of awe, admiration, and nostalgia
  • Connection to history and traditions

Colour & Finish

The frame is finished to look and feel like stone.

To create this stone effect the frame has been sandblasted to leave a mottled effect that is knobbled but not especially prickly to the touch. When running your hand across the frame, it feels akin to a coarse yet surprisingly smooth stone such as granite.

This rough, textured look and feel of the sandblasted surface adds a distinct, naturally aged quality to the piece, making it blend seamlessly with the organic surroundings of your garden.

The colours of the stone-like finish range in hues of sandy whites to warm creams.


The frame is made of steel for a hardy structure that won’t bend or bow when exposed to moisture or sunlight.

The reflective glass is frost protected so you can feel confident in leaving this mirror outdoors all year round without it cracking.

A plastic sheet board sits behind the mirror panel to keep it in place within the frame while helping to further protect it from both accidents and the elements.


Coming in at 150 x 81 x 4 cm, this gothic wall mirror can work well as a feature piece on a wall near your outdoor seating area.

You can also add a touch of glamour to your garden by placing it on your fence or shed.

A unique and eye-catching way to display this piece can be by hanging it on a tree.

If there’s one thing this piece can do well, it’s moving natural light into spaces that were previously without. So, we invite you to have fun and experiment with ways you could beam light into those shadier spots within your garden.

Installation & Hanging Guidelines

This mirror will come with one, two, or three keyholes on the reverse of the metal frame, which can be used to hang it onto either screws or hooks.

To hang this mirror, attach it directly to wall screws (not supplied) that are equally spaced from the centre of the keyholes. DO NOT STRING.

Please note that screws and Rawl plugs are not included with this item.

We recommend using a competent trades person to install this mirror in a secure and safe manner. As when hung outside, strong winds can cause weak fastenings to come loose.

Similarly for the same reason, we do not recommend leaning this mirror against walls or trees outside without the frame being securely fastened in some way.

This mirror is not only confined to use within the outdoor realm, as it can also work well indoors hung on walls throughout your home.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Should the glass require cleaning, utilize a standard glass cleaning spray or a water/white-vinegar mixture spray, then wipe the glass using a lint-free, scratch-free cloth for a flawless, streak-free result.

When cleaning the frame, refrain from using bleach or harsh chemicals. Opt to wipe it with a slightly damp with water lint-free cloth.

Like What You See?

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A Poem For You

In the shadows of a dimly lit chamber,
A gothic wall mirror stands tall and grand,
Reflecting secrets of a forgotten age,
A sentinel to the stories of the past.

With capsule columns of ornate design,
It whispers tales of ancient lives once lived,
Where knights and maidens graced the hallowed halls,
And mysteries cloaked in darkness did unfold.

Through the glass, a myriad of reflections,
Echoes of laughter, love, and quiet despair,
The gothic wall mirror, a silent witness,
To the ever-changing dance of time and fate.

As moonlight dances on its silvered surface,
It casts a spell upon the haunted room,
And in the heart of the observer,
A deep longing for lost moments blooms.

The gothic wall mirror, a portal through time,
Invites the soul to venture far beyond,
To gaze upon the beauty of the past,
And trace the lines of history and lore.

In the shadows of a dimly lit chamber,
A gothic wall mirror stands tall and grand,
A bridge connecting present, future, and past,
An eternal guardian of memories.

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Returns Policy

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 150 × 81 × 4 cm
Overall Dimensions

150 x 81 x 4 cm (4' 11" x 2' 8")



Height Range

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Glass Bevelling


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