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Sandford 93x68cm Light Natural Wood Mirror

Sandford 93x68cm Light Natural Wood Mirror


The Sandford mirror, a characteristic pleasure of creamy wooden excellence. Ideal for the lighter style, may it compliment any space with its bright and beautiful natural wood.

This mirror can be hung Vertically & Horizontally
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2 x Mirror Fitting Straps are included pre-fastened to the back of the majority of our mirror range, both horizontally & vertically where appropriate. With the exception to:
  • Garden Mirrors;
  • Dressing Table Mirrors;
  • Cheval / Free Standing Mirrors.
2 x Mirror Fitting Hooks however are required to safely and securely hang the mirror for best peace of mind. Want to secure your mirror to the wall with optimum strength and security? Get your Heavy Duty Mirror Fitting Hook & Strap Kit here:


Use of wood in mirrors dates back to the start of recorded history. Always readily available, and thanks to its long lasting properties, natural wood has always been a favourable material for the building of various items throughout time.

The design of the Sandford mirror has been replicated throughout history with its butt joins laid out in the most simplistic of fashions.


The Sandford with its solid wooden frame can evoke feelings of simplistic minimalism thanks to the purity that its wooden body brings forth.

Touching on the vintage style, the Sandford can be seen as embodying an essence of classic vintage roughness and charm.

It can also convey a sense of modern grandeur through the idea of wood becoming a more and more valued resource, making this mirror something to be cherished for a life time.

This mirror can work well in almost any home space where the darker shade of this natural wood will not clash for the surrounding colour scheme.

The smaller versions of this mirror can find use in the bathroom as a wall mirror, oozing its natural sense of purity whilst being easy to clean.

The Sandford can also find use as a full length or floor leaner mirror thanks to the wide range of 8 different sizes available, which can be chosen for the best fit within your desired space.

The largest version of this mirror being an impressive 7ft x 5ft, and the smallest being a respectable 3ft x 2ft.

Last but not least, the Sandford also comes in a Dressing Table mirror format, perfect as a bedroom makeup vanity mirror, or equally as good in the bathroom on a shelf.


To maintain that sense of traditional charm, the mirror glass itself comes un-bevelled, just as it would have been throughout history, before the advent of modern mirror glass cutting technology.

The solid wooden frame comes carefully hand varnished by our professional mirror craftsmen.

The dressing table version of the Sandford is created the same way, however with 3 sections instead, and 2 of which being smaller than the centre section.

These 3 sections are then held together with 2 small brass brackets along each join to create a strong yet foldable dressing table mirror.


  • Please ensure that you include your Mobile Number when ordering to receive SMS Delivery Updates.
  • Delivery Time: We endeavour to deliver all items within 6 working days although some products may take longer.
  • Delivery Cost: UK Mirror Delivery is included with this item.
  • Courier: This mirror will be delivered via UK Mail Next Day or other UK courier.
Dimensions 4 × 68 × 93 cm
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