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We Captured A Beautiful Forest Reflection With Our Old Lockston Mirror

During the Coronavirus quarantine, we decided that we wanted to create an image to represent our beautiful range of garden mirrors.

We didn’t want to just place it in a garden this time, we wanted the mirror to be encapsulated by nature to create a more striking and compelling scene, so we thought, what kind of setting could possibly best represent that? A forest!

So we took to our stock room to find an old garden mirror that we felt would suit a forest-type scene, and we found the perfect catch.

Our old (unfortunately discontinued) brown Lockston mirror frame. We then went off to the Blackdown hills near our offices in Williton where the ponies are free to roam, and found a very nice quiet setting with trees, shrubbery and moss all around.

It was approaching 7pm and the sun was on its way down, of which its light rays were permeating through the nearby treeline creating a wonderful natural reflection in our garden mirror. We couldn’t have asked for a better timing of place, and this was the result:

With a little touch-up in Photoshop, we were able to add some finer details to the image. All-in-all, we are happy with the result and will be using it as a feature on our next garden mirror exhibition in Wells Market.

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