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Mirror Shop Purveying A Variety of Mirrors For Your Home & Garden

The Mirror Man is an online mirror shop based in the UK that offers an impressive collection of mirrors, ideal for homes and businesses. Shop from our wide but refined selection of particular mirrors that will add style, space, elegance, and light to your space. The Mirror Man welcomes you to explore our online collection today…

We offer a great variety of outdoor, unusual and vintage Garden Mirrors in both smaller and larger sizes, ideal for creating elegantly rustic and natural atmospherics in your garden. Extra-large garden mirrors can reflect the colours, plants and natural light, giving an ever more lively, traditional or modern style to your garden. And don’t forget, all of these mirrors can also be placed inside the house for an extra unique aesthetic.

Explore the sublime elegance of our Frameless Mirrors Collection, effortlessly melding minimalist design with modern sophistication. From petite pieces perfect for subtle accents to oversized frameless mirrors that make a grand statement, our collection caters to every aesthetic, all while maintaining a contemporary edge.

Discover the transformative potential of our Leaner Mirrors Collection, which encompasses a unique blend of traditional and contemporary designs. Whether you seek avant-garde shapes for a modern edge, or vintage-inspired pieces that radiate antique charm, our collection offers the perfect mirror to enhance either modern, transitional, or traditional spaces, from stylish homes to sophisticated showrooms.

Compare All Our 105 Frame Styles In One Place

Explore the subtle blend of style and function with our stunning collection of modern framed mirrors. Click here to delve into our side-by-side frame style comparison, perfect for helping you find the ideal piece to enhance your space and reflect your unique style.

Discover the sleek, minimalist appeal of our expansive range of frameless mirrors. Navigate to our comparison page here to skim over all our frameless styles at a glance to find the seamless reflection of elegance that best complements your aesthetic.

Experience the fusion of nature and design with our diverse selection of garden mirrors. Click through here to compare each garden frame style side-by-side so you can select a mirror that brings an extra dimension of beauty to your outdoor oasis.

Uncover the timeless charm of traditionally framed mirrors in our expansive collection. Click here to view our side-by-side frame style comparison, ready to help you select the classic touch your space deserves.

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Since 2017 we have helped to satisfyingly beautify over 1000 homes and businesses.

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Popular Styles & Types

Experience the harmony of nature and design with our Wooden Mirrors Collection, carefully crafted to infuse rustic elegance into the spaces they adorn. Embrace the charm of organic solid aesthetics with these timeless pieces, seamlessly blending into any natural décor for a reflection of pure, understated sophistication.

Step into a world where style meets utility with our Full-length Mirrors Collection, beautifully designed to showcase your full reflection from head to toe. Explore our range and find the perfect addition to your home, bringing elegance and ensuring you’re always looking your best.

Discover the magic of our Window Mirrors Collection – transforming your spaces with reflections of elegance and timeless beauty. Step into a world where classic design meets modern functionality, perfect for any home looking to inspire light, depth, and a sense of infinite possibilities.

Indulge in the grandeur of our curated collection of Baroque mirrors, where opulent design meets timeless charm. Each handcrafted piece promises a dramatic style statement, turning any room into a piece of art with its intricate details and classic elegance.

Experience an elevation in your décor aesthetics with our Geometric Mirrors Collection, where intricate design meets refined artistry to bring a mesmerizing blend of uniqueness and elegance to your space. Engage with captivating forms and innovative shapes that turn the ordinary into extraordinary, transforming your environment into a testament of unique style.

Discover a world of elegance and sophistication with our Openable Mirrors Collection, the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Make every reflection a masterpiece and elevate your space with these innovative, versatile mirrors that add depth, interactiveness, and a sense of expansiveness either outdoors or indoors.

Best Sellers

The Mirror Man
Mirrors that will create style, space, elegance & light in your home.
The ideal mirror shop for people in the UK who want to choose from an extensive range of quality mirrors.

In styles from vintage antique to art deco.
Classic to contemporary-modern, and all we would know.

The wild to the tame, from extra large to small.
The long and the big, to pleasingly grace your wall.

From the full-length floor leaner, to the upright free-standing.
From rectangles to round circles, for the bathroom or landing.

Gold silver and ivory, are the colours most liked.
Or just plain frameless mirror glass brings its own delight.

From gym dance mirror glass to modern wall mirrors with chrome.
A great range of mirrors for sale, delivered to your home.

Indoor or outdoor, small to oversized.
The Mirror Man has a mirror, that will look the prize.

A style in mind or not, there’s a range to explore.
From solid wood to metal, to Venetian mirrors and more.

This is The Mirror Man’s eclectic mixture of quality wall mirrors.
One of the UK’s best online destinations for mirrors.

Whatever colour, style or size you’re searching for to compliment your home, you can find it here.
Whether it’s a mirror for business such as a salon, cafe, restaurant, hotel or even a pub toilet.

You can browse our extensive named mirror collections to find your perfect mirror at an excellent value price.

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