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Cream Mirrors | The Mirror Man

Cream Mirrors

Oh cream mirrors, how you light up a space,
A serene presence that fills every place.
Your soft hue brings a touch of calm,
A soothing feel that’s like a balm.

You’re subtle yet powerful, a sight to see,
A reflection of beauty, that sets one free.
Your gentle shade adds a touch of peace,
A calming presence, that will never cease.

In every room, you bring a sense of harmony,
A gentle touch, that’s pure and lovely.
Your versatility is unmatched and true,
As you blend in perfectly, with any hue.

Your charm is endearing, a gentle delight,
A reflection of warmth, that’s pure and bright.
You’re more than just a mirror frame,
You’re a reflection, of every heart’s aim.

Your allure is timeless, forever serene,
A perfect embodiment, of beauty supreme.
You hold a special place in every heart,
As your beauty fills every room, a work of art.

Oh cream mirrors, how you transform,
A space into a sanctuary, a blissful norm.
You’re more than just a mirror frame,
You’re the essence of peace, full of fame.

You’re the embodiment of tranquility and grace,
The perfect finishing touch to any living space.
A true work of art, a masterpiece,
Cream mirrors, your presence brings peace.

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