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White Mirrors | The Mirror Man

White Mirrors

White mirrors framed in purest white,
A sight that’s simple, yet so bright.
It adds a sense of airiness and light,
To any space, that’s dull or trite.

White mirrors, so crisp and clean,
A timeless hue, that’s evergreen.
It brings a sense of calm and ease,
A soothing feeling, that’s sure to please.

The mirror reflects, in snowy sheen,
A space transformed, to a tranquil scene.
Its frame a canvas, for a work of art,
A simple beauty, that’s sure to start.

In every room, it adds a touch of grace,
Its white frame, like a breath of space.
A feeling of purity, that’s so divine,
A space transformed, with a simple design.

So, white mirrors, we thank you,
For the beauty, you bring to view.
Your simple yet powerful effect, we adore,
A perfect frame, forevermore.

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